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UV Staining Services

Decoboard Enterprises an industry leader in the fields of high-speed, automated and robotic, UV staining services and solutions. With the ability to process thousands of feet of board per day, no one around can stain your material(s) as fast, efficient and accurate as Decoboard Enterprises.

UV Staining Services

Our UV staining services and capabilities include, but are not limited to, processing thousands of feet of board per day. We’re able to do this thanks to our fully-automated, 300 foot long processing line that effectively sands coats and UV cures stain multiple times every minute. With processing speeds this fast, you could improve your project’s bottomline significantly.

Need UV Staining Services?

If you’re interested in learning more about our UV staining services  and solutions for your business, please contact us to speak with a UV Staining Expert today.

Decoboard Enterprises Substrate Painting Services

High GLoss UV Coating Services

Decoboard Enterprises™ offers high gloss UV coating services and solutions that will improve your project bottomline.

Decoboard Enterprises Substrate Staining Services

High Gloss UV Finishing Services

Based in Southern California, Decoboard Enterprises™ is one of the leading high gloss UV finishing plant on the West Coast

Decoboard ENterprises - Commcercial & Industrial Substrate Finishing Solutions

UV Painting Services

Decoboard Enterprises™ also offers UV painting services and solutions and can paint in a fraction of the time of others.

UV Staining Services

Like our UV painting service, our UV staining service can get your material(s) stained in a fraction of the time.

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High Gloss UV Coating & Finsihing
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Since 2006, Decoboard Enterprises has grown into an industry leader in in the fields of high gloss UV coating, high gloss UV finishing, UV painting, UV staining and 3D woodgrain printing services and solutions!