Decoboard Enterprises

An Industry-Recognized Leader in Substrate UV Finishing, Painting, Staining & Grain Printing

About Decoboard Enterprises

Since inception in 2006, Decoboard has grown into a nationally-recognized leader in grain printing, painting, staining, and UV finishing. In an ever-changing marketplace, you can depend on Decoboard to provide the flexibility and expertise to handle all of your panel prefinishing services.

Decoboard’s capability springs from modern high-speed machines that use the latest in coating technology. UV (Ultra-Violet) cured finishes are widely regarded as the hardest-working coatings available, and Decoboard makes it easy for you to take advantage of this incredible technology. Our vast capability and automation allows us to complete up to 3,000 4x8 faces in one shift, creating cost savings that would not be possible by any other method.

UV coatings provide environmental benefits as well. Our UV coatings are virtually 100% solids; the coating stays on the panel, and does not enter the atmosphere. There are no solvents carrying harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and no added formaldehyde. Most traditional finishes have less than 30% solids, meaning 70% or more of the product will evaporate. In addition, UV coatings applied by roll coater have 100% transfer efficiency; unused coating returns to the container to be cycled through the system again.

Decoboard’s finishing process easily passes the requirements for LEED; contact us for more details.

Decoboard Enterprises

Decoboard Enterprises is an industry-recognized leader in substrate UV finishing, painting, staining and grain printing.

When it comes to adding value to your substrate, look no further than Decoboard Enterprises.