The Decoboard Process

The Decoboard process always results in the highest-quality results possible.

The Decoboard Process

Clear UV finishing is at the heart of Decoboard, yet we offer many other processes to fit a wide range of applications. Our clear topcoat was developed for flooring, but its hardness does not detract from its beauty on hardwood panels. Whether your project is clear, stain, print, or paint, you get the same hard UV topcoat. Also available is a proprietary flexible coating for use on loose veneers—even 10 mil paper back.

Skill, speed, and low cost make Decoboard a key component of large millwork installations. When conventional finishing could take weeks or months on a large project, consider our ability to complete thousands of panels in a day, completely cured and packaged for shipment. Application by machine has an added benefit, keeping the product more consistent than hand-applied products.

Decoboard can stain, fill, seal, UV tint, and topcoat to your gloss specification—from 5 to 80 sheen. If required, we are happy to leave your product in a sanded state, allowing you to apply your own topcoat when you need to match existing or complementary pieces. We can also work with your cut to size parts, utilizing our UV edge coating center. Banded edges, raw plywood edges such as Baltic Birch, and even radius edges on drawer sides are possible.

Furniture and cabinet manufactures use our wood grain prints as a low cost interior or backer panel. This process can be achieved over either MDF or Particle Board. We are equipped to fill the pores of Particle Board (with two UV filling machines in-line), which creates a smooth surface for painting and printing. Decoboard can also apply a primer coat over a filled panel, or directly to a raw substrate.

If the application calls for solid colors, Decoboard again has the solution. We can custom match your paint color and apply it in conjunction with a hard UV topcoat, creating a durable opaque finish that will last and last.

The Decoboard Process is cost-efficient (100% solid - 99.9% transfer), has an instant cure-photochemical reaction, is consistent, and has a very hard finish with minimal hazardous waste.

Decoboard Enterprises

Decoboard Enterprises is an industry-recognized leader in substrate UV finishing, painting, staining and grain printing.

When it comes to adding value to your substrate, look no further than Decoboard Enterprises.